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Researchers Study ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Gene

A national team of stem cell researchers has found that a gene called lin28a might hold the secret to regenerating tissue and regrowing hair.


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Scientists Recreate Blood Vessels

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have successfully made functional blood vessels from human stem cells in mouse models.


(Photo provided by Ursinus College. Credit: Steven M. Falk)

Ursinus’ Conrad A Bone Marrow Match

Teddy Conrad, a running back on the Ursinus Bears football team, took the step of donating blood stem cells to try and save a life.


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Specter Looks Ahead After 30 Years In US Senate

Pennsylvania’s longest-serving US senator met with reporters in Washington on Thursday as the end of his fifth and final term draws near.


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Health Watch: Local Revolutionary Stem Cell Research

Scientific advances happening in our area could change the future of medicine. Stem Cells are considered by many to be the future of medicine, with the ability to cure diseases.


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Breakthrough In Battle Against MS

Researchers in England are using stem cells in what is being called a major breakthrough in the battle against multiple sclerosis.