Flyers Lose To Stars 2-1Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn each had a goal and an assist to lead the Dallas Stars to their fourth straight victory, 2-1 over the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night.
The Flyers Fall To The Stars, 2-1The Flyers fell to the Stars on Tuesday night for their 3rd straight loss.
Flyers Get First Win Of Year, 6-5 Against Stars In OTClaude Giroux scored a power-play goal in overtime to lift the Flyers to a 6-5 victory over the Dallas Stars on Saturday night.
Star Walk 2 AppThe original Star Walk was one of the best astronomy apps to come around. Happily, Star Walk 2 only builds on that success.
Sun - By Kid's DiscoverSun might technically be a science app for children, but even adults could end up learning a few new things about our nearest star.
Slooh AppNot all of us can afford our own deep space camera, but Slooh lets you borrow one for a bit - actually rotating the cameras to focus on stars and planets.
Expert Creates Travel Guide For The UniverseStars. They're over our heads every night and while we'll likely never get to visit one, there's a travel guide anyway.
Solar Walk AppThe Solar Walk app lets you learn all about the sky above us, with over 375 images and eight videos.
NASA Visualization ExplorerOdds are you won't get to explore the stars yourself – or even have access to all of NASA's tools. The Visualization Explorer app is the next best thing.
Top Spots For Film Geeks And Film Buffs In PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia isn’t just America’s fifth largest city, it’s also iconic and full of history, which is perfect grist for filmmakers and film buffs alike.
The Night Sky AppStargazing goes high tech with the Night Sky app - an educational app that makes astronomy accessible to pretty much anyone.
Flyers Make A Trade To Acquire Defenseman Nicklas GrossmanFlyers trade for Dallas defenseman.

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