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Local Doctor Battles Concussions With Vitamins

The nice thing about these specific vitamins is very low side effect profile, they’re water absorbed so the body takes what you need and expels the rest.


High School Sports

When Kids Overdo Athletics

School is underway and so are the wide variety of sports in which kids have the opportunity to participate. Don’t encourage them to over do it.


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Teen Athletes Suffer From Overuse Injuries

More and more young athletes who switch from season to season, going from sport to sport are being asked by adults to push harder and harder. The result is overuse injuries that need rehab and treatments, not unlike their adult counterparts.


Chris Evert

Treating Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is not just a problem for tennis players. You can get tennis elbow – pain on the outside of the elbow – from other activities as well.


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Rehab Works

Whether you are talking about a stroke or an ankle sprain, a good rehab program can make a major difference in how quickly someone gets better.


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