Treating Tennis ElbowTennis elbow is not just a problem for tennis players - although it certainly occurs in tennis players. Officially, the medical name is lateral epicondylitis.
Little League Pitchers At Risk For Acromial ApophysiolysisYoung baseball pitchers who throw more than 100 pitches per week are at increased risk of developing a newly identified shoulder injury.
Cheerleading Is High RiskIn the past 25 years, cheerleading accounted for two-thirds of all catastrophic sports injuries experienced by high school and college females in the US.
Chesco Family Files Lawsuit Over Teen Girl's Head Injury at Soccer PracticeThe lawsuit claims the girl, an incoming freshman at Downingtown High School East, collided with another player during a preseason soccer scrimmage, injuring her head.
Who Wore It Best? 5 Injury Protective Gear Worn By AthletesProtective injury gear is becoming more popular in professional sports these days and athletes are taking the opportunity to make a fashion statement (and endorsement deals). So who wore theirs the best?
Teen Athletes Suffer From Overuse InjuriesMore and more young athletes who switch from season to season, going from sport to sport are being asked by adults to push harder and harder. The result is overuse injuries that need rehab and treatments, not unlike their adult counterparts.
Improvements In Treating TraumaIt has been estimated that fifty to ninety percent of US adults experience trauma in their lifetime. The issue with trauma is that it can affect us at any time and at any age.
Treating Tennis ElbowIt is called lateral epicondylitis but the way most of us know it as tennis elbow.
Local Expert Looks To Help Minimize Risk Of Injury To Child AthletesAccording to one local expert, there are certain steps adults can take to minimize risk of injury to children on the playing field.
Treating Tennis ElbowTennis elbow is not just a problem for tennis players. You can get tennis elbow - pain on the outside of the elbow - from other activities as well.
The Importance Of StretchingIf you ask me, the most important part of a workout is stretching.
Exercising Through An InjuryAlthough resting an injury is sometimes necessary, exercise is often a better option on the road to recovery.

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