Study: 71 Percent Of Americans Think It's OK To Friend Co-Workers On FacebookNew research reveals 71% think it's appropriate to friend co-workers on Facebook.
Best Basic Practices For Marketing Your Small Business On FacebookThis 6 step process will help your company actively attract and build engagement with customers by creating a Facebook business page.
Best Practices For Marketing Your Small Business On TwitterTwitter has come a long way since its 2006 launch, becoming a top player for business marketing.
3 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Small BusinessIn the current business landscape, social media is an essential component of small business marketing.
How Social Media Is Helping Houston Deal With Harvey FloodsAs the flooding worsened, some officials emphasized that posting on social media should not be construed as a replacement for calling 911. "Do not report your information on social media sites," the U.S. Coast Guard said Sunday, urging people in distress to call instead.
Facebook Shines During Solar EclipseWhile many gazed at the sky to watch the moon pass in front of the sun, millions took to social media to document the moment. 
Using Facebook Makes You Feel Good, But Can Create Guilt, Study SaysA professor at Michigan State University is comparing the use of Facebook to an addiction.
Social Media Camp Teaches Skills For Internet StardomSleepaway camp may evoke memories of s'mores, log cabins and bonding with lifelong friends, but one camp in Los Angeles focuses on helping teens become internet stars.
Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Taunted Them On Social MediaAuthorities have jailed a Pennsylvania drug suspect who they say taunted them on social media, saying they wouldn't be able to find and jail him.
Social Media Savvy Doctor Helps Patients OnlineOn Instagram, she sees a patient at a concert and suggests the person uses ear protection in case the music gets too loud.
Local University Offers Bachelor's Degree In Social MediaThe program will involve coursework in business, communication studies and English.
Small Business Sales Trends: 5 Tips For Selling To MillennialsAlways keep your small business sales approach fresh, especially when selling to millennials.

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