Smoking Cessation

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American Cancer Society Chides New Jersey For Lack of Anti-Smoking Spending

New Jersey takes in $1 billion a year from tobacco, three-fourths of that from tax revenue. But not one penny of that is earmarked for smoking cessation programs.


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Studying Electronic Nicotine Delivery

Without smoke, e-cigarettes are potentially safer than cigarettes and could help smokers quit but the studies are just starting.


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No Butts On Some College Campuses

Universities and colleges have become the latest target for anti-smoking groups. There is controversy at one school that has imposed a ban on campus smoking.


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Light Smoking Dramatically Increases Risk of Lung Cancer

According to a new study, smoking fewer than five cigarettes a day, commonly known as light smoking, triples the risk of dying of heart disease or lung cancer in men. In women the increased risk of lung cancer was five times greater.


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Smoking Images Trigger Quitters

Have you ever wondered why people are so susceptible to temptation after they kick the habit of cigarette smoking? It’s in their heads.