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Swedish App Records What Users Say While Sleep Talking

The app, which costs 99-cents and is available for Android and iOS devices, works by recording short snippets of sound while you’re asleep.


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Tips On Getting A Good Night Of Sleep

Dr. Andre Garabedian stopped by with information on how to get a good night of sleep.


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Later School Start Helps Teens

Sleep is critical to brain development, memory function, and cognitive skills and discussions have been held for years about sleep-deprived teens and the effect it has on their schooling.


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Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There have been numerous studies about chronic fatigue syndrome but no one is quite sure what causes it. In fact, it is often a diagnosis made when other common causes of fatigue are ruled out.


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Sleep Expert: Get Your Kids On Their Back-To-School Sleep Schedule Now

Summer vacations are winding down and the school year is set to begin soon. That means children and parents are going to have to readjust their sleep schedules.


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Late Starts For Schools

Brookings Institution economists have shown that early start times for high schoolers – which often means sleep deprivation – have reduced academic performance and earning potential.


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Pick-A-Side: What Would You Rather Give Up For Three Months?


Sleep Apnea

Health Watch: Robotic Sleep Apnea Surgery

Robots to the rescue for the millions of people who suffer with a common sleep problem.


Android Tablet

Alarm Droid

AlarmDroid allows you to customize your alarm and program as many snoozes as you want.


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CHOP Doctors Identify Link Between Sleep And Diabetes In Obese Teenagers

Doctors say it’s as simple as following time-honored advice: get a good night’s sleep.


Weight Loss

Temple University Researcher Studies Correlation Between More Sleep And Weight Loss

Research has shown that a loss of sleep is linked to a higher risk of obesity; however, one Temple University professor wants to find out if getting more sleep will help one lose weight.


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Napping Improves Productivity

Sleep researchers report a little nap can make you much more aggressive and also intuitive.


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Air Traffic Controllers Bring To Light Problem Of Sleep Deprivation In America

If you want to stay sharp, you need your eight hours of sleep, right? But many people say eight hours is a luxury they can’t afford.


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Report: High Stress Levels Make Losing Weight More Difficult

We know that sleep is very important, but according to a new report, when you combine a lack of sleep with stress, it can lead to big problems, especially when it comes to weight loss.


Local Professor Has Tips for Improved Learning Habits

  Students go back to school with the latest calculators and the hottest styles but they don’t  get armed with the latest research into how best to learn.