Silverliner V cars

(Credit: Paul Gluck)

SEPTA Explains Its ‘Reserved’ Front-Row Seats In New Regional Rail Cars

Riders on SEPTA’s Silverliner V regional rail cars may wonder why two perfectly good seats at the front of the new cars are roped off with yellow tape.



SEPTA Ridership Up 4%, Highest Volume Since 1989

SEPTA riders in the fiscal year that ended June 30th took an extra 13 million trips over the previous year. That’s a four-percent increase which puts the total number of trips in the year at 334 million — the highest since 1989.


(File Photo of Septa's Silverliner V Cars)

SEPTA Board To Vote On Big Borrowing

This week the SEPTA board will vote on whether to borrow a quarter-billion dollars to pay for the new regional rail trains that are to be delivered this year.


septa silverliner V DL

SEPTA Delays Rollout Of New Regional Rail Cars

Three cars were supposed to be ready Friday but have been delayed three to four weeks after production problems were encountered



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