Senator Chris Coons

U.S. Senator Chris Coons (pictured right, in suit) gets briefed on the status of the I-495 bridge. (Credit: Jim Melwert)

Senator Coons Briefed On Repairs To I-495 Bridge

Delaware US Senator Chris Coons touring the site around the I-495 bridge, says $2-million in initial emergency federal funds have been made available.


(credit: CBS3)

Sen. Coons Surprises A World War II Vet With 5 Medals

Strawbridge decided it was the perfect time to share the spotlight with his uncle, Francis Weaver, who was an Army technician during World War II.


July 3, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. (Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Local Experts Weigh In On Ousting Of Egyptian President

A local expert on Middle East affairs says former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was doomed from the start.


(credit: CBS)

Local Officials Question Strength Of Current Immigration Laws Following Boston Bombings

Delaware Senator Chris Coons said, “Those who are here who would do us harm, to make possible for law enforcement to focus on them, find them and deport them.”


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OnStar Knows Where You Are Even When You Cancel

The company says it reserves the right to sell data even when the service is cancelled. That is ruffling feathers of Delaware Senator Chris Coons and others on Capitol Hill.