Scranton Pa

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Pa. Man Dressed In ‘Angry Birds’ Costume Seeks To Abduct Children

Authorities say a man dressed as a character from the Angry Birds video game tried to pick up four children in a Pennsylvania grocery store parking lot.


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Pa. Man Charged In Threat To Obama Had Guns, Ammo

Court records show that a northeastern Pennsylvania man charged with threatening to kill President Barack Obama had a loaded AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, 11,000 rounds of ammunition, a long-range scope and training manuals on long-range shooting.


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Man’s Body Found In SUV In Ravine In Pennsylvania

Authorities say a man’s body has been found in a sport utility vehicle in a ravine in northeastern Pennsylvania.


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VP Biden To Get Pennsylvania Society Medal

Vice President Joe Biden, who had a boyhood home in Scranton, will receive the Pennsylvania Society’s Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement.