Smart Watches Saving Lives By Detecting Life-Threatening SituationsTwo people have come forward with reports of how their smart watches kept them alive.
New Drug Guidelines Could Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients Better Manage SymptomsMultiple sclerosis a leading cause of disability in the United States but new drug guidelines could help patients better manage symptoms.
Study: Kids Who Eat Fish Will Get Better Sleep, Brain BoostA new study says fish can make children smarter.
Scientists Working With Stem Cells To Treat ALSNew hope for patients with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease, which slowly incapacitates people physically.
This Winter's Sea Ice Growth Among One Of Lowest Amounts Ever RecordedThe Arctic sea ice extent is at the second lowest level it's ever been on record.
Study: People Who Use Sleep Trackers Tend To Be Healthier OverallA growing number of people are using smartphones to track their sleep habits.
Camden County, Hospitals Partner Up To Buy Narcan In BulkCamden County officials and hospitals are working together to battle opioid overdoses destroying its community.
'Chemo Bath' Offers New Hope For Women With Ovarian CancerThere is new hope for women with advanced ovarian cancer in the form of a bath.
Study Tests Using Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Canine ArthritisThere's a new kind of stem cell therapy that is being tested for dogs who suffer with arthritis.
Researchers Unlock Way To Reduce Radiation Exposure From CT ScanOne Philadelphia hospital is making CT scans safer.
International Space Station Astronauts Give Insights On Life Above EarthThe view of deep space from the International Space Station is one-of-a-kind.
Studies Show Increase Risk Of Heart Attack When Clocks Spring ForwardStudies show there are already more heart attacks on Monday's but there's a greater increase, 10 to 14 percent more, after clocks spring forward for daylight saving time on Sunday.

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