Schuylkill Center

(credit:  Phran Novelli)

Every Reason To Choose Native Plants

Native plants are such a smart choice, particularly if you’re a lazy gardener like me, because natives already know how to grow around here so they really are carefree.



Detours Expected For Toad Crossing In City’s Roxborough Section

The annual migration of toads across several roads in Upper Roxborough could be happening any day, late by some measures, but exciting to all who wait and watch.


toadlets in a cup - Daly

It’s Toad Detour Time In Upper Roxborough

It’s hard to imagine how teeny tiny toadlets — smaller than a dime — manage to climb the steep sides of the reservoir, let alone hop down the ramps to cross busy Port Royal Avenue to relative safety.


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Expert Expects Large Tick Population After Warm Winter

Ticks make even confirmed nature-lovers skeevy, since they do more than suck your blood. They can also transmit diseases, including Lyme Disease.