School Vouchers

(Dr. Alberta Wilson, second from left, in brown overcoat.  Photo by Mike DeNardo)

Pa. Tax Credits For Private School Donations Going Unused, Advocate Says

Dr. Alberta Wilson, program manager for the Christian-based Capstone Legacy Foundation, wants businesses to know they can get a credit on their corporate taxes if they donate to parochial or private school scholarship organizations.


(US House majority leader Eric Cantor, left, and Rep. Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania chat with students at Friere Charter School in center city Philadelphia.  Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Rep. Eric Cantor Promotes School Vouchers During Phila. Visit

The US House majority leader, during a visit to a Philadelphia charter school, called on the US Justice Department to drop its challenge of a Louisiana school voucher program.


(Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Catholic Schoolgirls Rally in NE Philadelphia For Pa. School Voucher Bill

Dressed in their brown uniforms, hundreds of girls stood on the steps of Saint Hubert’s Catholic High School for Girls, chanting and holding signs asking Harrisburg to pass “School Choice” legislation.


File photo.

2011 In Retrospect

Advances are being made in education. In 2011, with leadership from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 160 cities have joined in making sure all kids read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade.


(Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett, at the Pennsylvania Press Club in Harrisburg on November 21st.  Credit: Tony Romeo)

Clock Is Ticking For Corbett’s Agenda

It looks increasingly as if many of Governor Corbett’s ambitious agenda items will have to wait until next year if they are to get done.


(Gov. Corbett, at a charter school in Philadelphia today.)

Gov. Corbett, Promoting School Vouchers, Gets More Questions About PSU Scandal

“Do you want to continue to argue, or do you want to ask a question?” the governor snapped at one point as reporters peppered him with questions about the pace of the Jerry Sandusky investigation when he was attorney general.


(Gov. Tom Corbett makes announces his proposed school voucher program at a charter school in York, Pa.   Credit: Tony Romeo)

Corbett Seeks Scaled-Back Toehold For State School Voucher Program

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett is proposing a more modest tuition voucher program as part of a school reform proposal he unveiled Tuesday morning at a charter school in York, Pa.



Gov. Corbett Plans To Push Ahead With School Vouchers Proposal

Governor Corbett plans to push ahead with a proposal on school vouchers despite another poll showing Pennsylvania residents don’t want them.


(credit: Tony Romeo)

Corbett Plans To Unveil School Voucher Proposal Soon, Transportation Waits

Governor Corbett says he will soon have something to say on the subject of school voucher legislation, but he’s giving more indications transportation funding may not be addressed this fall as was expected.


(Gov. Tom Corbett, in file photo)

Governor Corbett Cites School Vouchers As Priority For Fall Legislative Session

Governor Corbett says his top priority is school vouchers, but he also wants to address transportation funding, liquor privatization, and natural gas drilling.


(Today's hearing by the Democratic Policy Committee of the Pennsylvania State Senate, at Community College of Philadelphia.  Credit: Mike DeNardo

Pennsylvania Legislators, In Philadelphia, Weigh School Voucher Programs

The divisive issue of school vouchers took center stage on Tuesday at a hearing in Northeast Philadelphia.



Vote On Tuition Vouchers Delayed After Corbett’s Comments On WPHT

It appears that, over the objections of Governor Corbett, legislative action on a school tuition voucher bill may be pushed back until fall.


File photo of Governor Tom Corbett addressing the State Association of Township Supervisors in Hershey. (Credit: Tony Romeo)

Corbett Reaffirms Support For School Voucher System

Governor Corbett says he remains firm in his support for creating a school tuition voucher program in Pennsylvania, though he will ask for changes in a bill currently in the Senate.


(Credit: Mike DeNardo)

School Voucher Bill Up For Vote In Pa. Senate

The controversial legislation to create a school voucher program could get a vote as early as today.


(The Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee, on Tuesday.  Photo by Tony Romeo)

Pennsylvania Senate Committee OKs School Vouchers Bill

A bill that would create a tuition voucher program in Pennsylvania has cleared its first legislative hurdle, passing the state Senate Education Committee.