("Gary Nearcross," with a briefcase full of cash, is the villain of "Stop The Takeover!"  Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Rutgers Students Use Theatre to Protest Rowan’s Planned Takeover of Camden Campus

The over-the top villain in the play is “Gary Nearcross,” with any resemblance to New Jersey powerbroker George Norcross not so coincidental.


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Rutgers University President Opposes Rowan Takeover of Rutgers-Camden

“Given a choice… I seriously doubt that the Boards of Governors and Trustees would want to give up the Rutgers-Camden campus,” says Rutgers president Richard McCormick.


(Credit: David Madden)

Hundreds Gather To Oppose Takeover of Rutgers-Camden By Rowan U.

Wendell Pritchett, chancellor at Rutgers-Camden, urged everyone to put the heat on decisionmakers at the state capital.


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Rowan Takeover of Rutgers-Camden Among Christie’s NJ Higher Ed Plans

New Jersey governor Chris Christie says he’ll implement the ideas of a blue-ribbon panel that will dramatically change the look and approach of higher education across the Garden State.


(Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Part 3: Jobs & The Economy

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 totaled $787 billion, split about equally among tax cuts, payments to and for individuals, and public works.


(A moment of the six-week "Occupy Philadelphia" encampment.   Credit: Jim Melwert)

Part 4: Politics & The Economy

The economy seems stalled, and at least one expert thinks it will likely stay that way for a while.


wendell pritchett

Rutgers-Camden Chief Appointed To Philadelphia School Board

The chancellor of Rutgers University’s campus in Camden, N.J., will be serving on the board that oversees the Philadelphia school system.


Marketing Expert: 99-Cent Endings Create The Illusion Of Cheapness

Ending a price with 99-cents is a venerable marketing technique that one expert says probably shouldn’t extend to everything.


Cast members (L-R) Tom Felton, Emma Watson, Alan Rickman, Daniel Radcliffe, David Yates, Rupert Grint, Barry M. Meyer and Matthew Lewis attend the premier of the Harry Potter finale (Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Rutgers Professor Questions Effect Of ‘Potter’ Films On Literacy

There’s no doubting the impact of the Potter books on students, says J.T. Barbarese who teaches at Rutgers-Camden. In one of his classes, maybe 80% of the students have read them or are familiar enough with them for discussion.


(Credit: Karin Phillips, KYW Newsradio)

New Rutgers-Camden Art Exhibit Really Is Collection Of ‘Hidden Treasures’

Rutgers University in Camden is displaying over 50 pieces of art that have been hidden for years.



Two Alumni Brothers Donate Money To Open Education Center On Rutgers-Camden Campus

A $200,000 gift from Drs. Washington and George Hill will open the Hill Family Center for College Access on the campus of Rutgers University in Camden.


Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman Turns 192

There are celebrations around the country, and Camden in particular, on Tuesday for the 192nd birthday of the poet Walt Whitman. He died in Camden in 1892.


(credit: DANILO SCHIAVELLA, Getty Images)

Fidel Castro’s Daughter Speaks At Rutgers-Camden

People revolting in the streets in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia seemed unlikely to many just a few months ago, but their success is spawning new questions about the stability other oppressive regimes.



Gas Prices Continue To Surge

Gas prices continue to surge and it looks like there’s no end in sight.



Local Professor Examines Role Of Social Media In Religion

A Rutgers-Camden english professor says prayer has evolved over thousands of years and cyberspace is just the most recent medium for us to express our thoughts.