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Russell Brand

("Despicable Me 2" stars the voice of Steve Carell.)

Movie Review: ‘Despicable Me 2’

This inventive and affable sequel to the 2010 original pretty much matches its predecessor’s charm and impact, not in originality perhaps but certainly in energy and execution.


(Tom Cruise stars in "Rock of Ages.")

Movie Review: ‘Rock of Ages’

Narrative momentum is nonexistent in this suffocatingly generic film, offering a narrative that couldn’t be more flimsy.


(Helen Mirren, left, and Russell Brand star in the remake of "Arthur.")

Movie Review: ‘Arthur’

Whereas Dudley Moore’s Arthur was childlike, Russell Brand’s Arthur is childish. At best.


('Hop," featuring the voice of Russell Brand, wins the weekend box office.)

Weekend Box Office: ‘Hop’ To The Top

The Easter Bunny kids comedy earned close to $40 million on its debut weekend.


despicable me

Home Video Report: Despicable Me Hits DVD

Our pre-Christmas video review is something of a mixed bag.



Russell Brand’s New Book Explores Downside Of Fame

British comic and actor Russell Brand has just finished remaking the movie “Arthur,” and he’s also completed his second autobiography