Robin Rieger


Officials Warn Drivers To Be Alert For Deer During Mating Season

During deer mating season, animal-car collisions are more likely, especially for the Delaware Valley, an area that ranks amongst the highest in the nation for deer-related crashes.



Princeton EMT Leaves Behind Wife, Daughter After Losing His Life During Hurricane Irene

39-year-old Michael Kenwood, a Princeton volunteer emergency medical technician is being mourned by his wife and daughter and family following his funeral in North Jersey Wednesday afternoon.



Police: Evesham Burglars Knocked On Resident’s Doors In Broad Daylight Before Breaking In

A pried-open sliding glass door, a pushed in air conditioning unit…these are just some of the ways burglars have accessed 20 Evesham Township homes and even apartment complexes between May 27th and July 4th.


Garden State Equality

Marriage Equality Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of Same Sex Couples In New Jersey

Louis Alberta is single but would love to get married someday. But for Louis and other gay and lesbian people living in New Jersey, getting married like heterosexual couples is not an option.


Abiah Jones

Grieving Parents Call For Better Ferris Wheel Safety Restraints, Supervision

The grieving parents of a little girl who plunged to her death while riding a giant ferris wheel in Wildwood are calling for better safety restraints on such rides and more supervision.


Big Truck Ride

3 Family Members Hurt On Atlantic County Amusement Park Ride

A popular ride at Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township has been shut down after three family members were hurt when the ride derailed.


crime reports

Evesham Township Police Dept. Offers Free Crime Detection iPhone App

Now the entire Evesham Township community is able to see what kind of crime is taking place in residential areas, business districts, or on the roads thanks to a Utah based website called



Exclusive: Asbestos Found At NJ Hospital Site

The State Division of Criminal Justice says preliminary reports indicate industrial products containing asbestos were found during a search by hazardous materials crews at what used to be the old Zurbrugg Hospital.



Police Investigate South Philadelphia Robbery, Employee Sexually Assaulted

Philadelphia police are investigating the daring daytime robbery of the store in which one of the store’s employees was duct-taped to a chair and sexually assaulted


Toy Store Thefts Caught On Tape Leave Owner Frustrated

Six burglaries at the House of Fun toy store in Oaklyn, New Jersey have frustrated the toy store owner, who says he feels numb and powerless to stop it.


Donation Cans

Thieves Steal Pet Rescue Donation Cans

Surveillance video first seen on Eyewitness New shows a couple walking into the Jamaican Me Crazy Store in Haddonfield on St Patrick’s Day. The female then distracts the store owner while the man steals a donation can on the counter.


Dump Trucks

NJ Turnpike Construction Project Causes Controversy In Burlington County

Local residents say a steady stream of heavy trucks has ripped up their road and they want to make sure that their cash strapped town does not end up footing the bill.


Red Lights

Red Light Cameras Improve Safety, Raise Revenue In Gloucester County

In a time when many municipalities are facing layoffs, one south Jersey town is surviving thanks to money being generated from what was initially intended as a safety measure.


animal house

Animal House Of Horrors In Burlington County

Problem neighbors are one thing, but four legged or winged variety in Florence, New Jersey are a nightmare.



Police Locate Stolen Moorestown Statue

Police are looking for the thief or thieves who stole a 5-foot-tall statue of the famous RCA Victor dog from the front corner of the Moorestown Community House lawn.