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(Rafael Robb arrives at the Montgomery County Courthouse in the custody of police.  File photo by Brad Segall)

Univ. of Pa. Professor Who Killed Wife Says Civil Jury’s Monetary Award is Excessive

A Montgomery County jury awarded the estate of Ellen Gregory Robb more than $124 million in a “wrongful death” civil trial. Rafael Robb is nearing the end of his 5-10 year sentence for voluntary manslaughter.


(credit: CBS 3)

7th Death Blamed On 2013 Philadelphia Building Collapse

A seventh death is being linked to a 2013 building collapse in Philadelphia that killed shoppers and workers inside a Salvation Army.


(credit: Jordan McLaughlin)

Philadelphia Architect Faces Federal Court Hearing Related To Deadly Building Collapse

A hearing over subpoenaed records in the fatal Market Street building collapse this spring was postponed Wednesday, but a Philadelphia architect is facing even more requests for documents.


(The sudden collapse of a building under demolition raises a cloud of dust and debris around a Salvation Army store.  Six people were killed.  File photo by Jordan McLaughlin)

Judge Allows Attorneys’ Factfinding To Begin in Market Street Building Collapse Case

The ongoing grand jury investigation of the building collapse complicates the ability of attorneys in the numerous civil suits to begin what is called “discovery.”


(The demolition site at 2136 Market Street, taken by a concerned passerby the day before the deadly collapse.  The Salvation Army thrift store, in which six people were killed, is at far right.  Photo by Laura Mierson.)

Salvation Army Says It Wasn’t At Fault In Deadly Building Collapse

Salvation Army major Charles Deitrick says the fault lies squarely with the owner of the adjacent building and the demolition company hired to tear it down.


(Robert Mongeluzzi announces he is adding the Salvation Army as a defendant in the center city building collapse civil case.  Credit: Pat Loeb)

Salvation Army To Be Named In Center City Collapse Lawsuits

The Salvation Army will become the latest defendant in litigation over a deadly Philadelphia building collapse.


Center City Building Collapsefile photo (credit: Chopper 3 HD)

Demolition Experts Testify At City Council Hearing On Deadly Center City Building Collapse

As City Council continued its probe Thursday into last month’s tragic building collapse on Market Street, they heard from independent demolition experts who said that city inspectors inspect very little.


survey scene

Lawyers Slam Demolition Work At Building Collapse Site

Attorneys for 4 people suing over the collapse of the downtown building that killed six people last week lambasted the demolition work after surveying the site Sunday.


(Cleanup continued the day after the building collapse that killed at least six people in center city Philadelphia.  Credit: Jericka Duncan)

2nd Lawsuit Filed By Injured Victim of Center City Building Collapse

Just two days after the accident that killed six people, a shopper in the Salvation Army store has become the second person to file a lawsuit related to the building collapse.


(Cleanup continued the day after the building collapse that killed at least six people in center city Philadelphia.  Credit: Jericka Duncan)

Indications A Criminal Investigation Could Soon Be Underway In Deadly Building Collapse

Following the deadly building collapse in Center City on Wednesday, there are indications that a criminal investigation into the collapse could be opened up.


(Dora Schwendtner, 16, and Szabolcs Prem, 20, were killed when an amphibious tour boat was rammed by a barge in the Delware River.  Family photos)

City Considering Memorial For 2 Students Who Died In 2010 Duck Boat Crash

“These are modest people, working people from Hungary,” says Robert Mongeluzzi, who represents the families of the victims. “They’re not asking for some fancy memorial. They’re asking for a simple bench in memory of their children.”


(Attorney Robert Mongeluzzi, center, and fellow attorneys representing family members of duck boat victims in background, speak with reporters on Monday outside the US Courthouse in Philadelphia.  Credit: Steve Tawa)

Sudden Halt to Duck Boat Trial as Settlement Discussions Are Renewed

In the midst of the second day of testimony, Judge Thomas O’Neill suggested that all parties in the case meet with another federal judge to engage in settlement discussions. Attorney Robert Mongeluzzi (photo) represents two victims who died in the 2010 crash.


(File photo from NTSB)

Federal Trial In Philadelphia To Determine $$ Risk In 2010 Fatal Duck Boat Crash

The federal trial in the 2010 “duck boat” accident on the Delaware River that killed two Hungarian students has begun in Philadelphia.


(An eyewitness on shore captures the moment of impact as a duck boat on the Delaware River is run over by a barge being pushed by a tugboat.  Photo from NTSB)

Fatal Duck Boat Crash Civil Trial Begins In Philadelphia

A trial is getting under way in federal court to over the amount two vessel operators may have to pay after a collision of a tugboat-guided barge and a sightseeing boat two years ago in Philadelphia that left two Hungarian students dead.


mongeluzzi robert DL madden

Duck Boat Victims’ Attorney Says NTSB Findings Bolster Their Lawsuit

Attorney Robert Mongeluzzi says that Hunganian students Dawn Schwendtner and Szabolcs Prem would be alive today were it not for the negligence of “Ride the Ducks” and tugboat operator K-Sea Partnerships.