Gary Johnson: 'Building A Fence Across The Border Is A Crazy Notion'Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson dismisses Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall along the border with Mexico.
Zeoli Show Log 07.28.16Rich kicked off the the show discussing President Obama and VP Biden's speeches. Also we discussed Leon Panetta speech and him being booed. Rich interviewed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. They discussed his poll numbers, his stance on the borders, and abortion. Rich then interviewed former RNC Chair, Michael Steele. They discussed the DNC and Trump. In the 5 o Clock hour Rich discussed if last night speeches would help Hillary. After that, Rich interviewed Nick Gillespie. They discussed the DNC . They looked at what effect Gary Johnson will have on the election. Also they discussed the 2 party system and if it is dying. Rich then talked some more about the DNC being off message and that it is about "the economy stupid" .
Steve Kornacki: Pennsylvania Is One Of Trump's Best ProspectsSteve Kornacki of MSNBC says Pennsylvania is one state that Donald Trump has a great chance of flipping from blue to red.
Trump Supporter Dismisses Outrage Over Trump And Russian HackersJeffrey Lord says the uproar over Donald Trump asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email is ridiculous.
Zeoli Show Log 07.27.16Rich kicked off the show going over tonight's speaker at the DNC. He discussed the Trump's press conference and how the media is losing there mind over it. Rich dissected Bill Clinton speech and it's goal to make Hillary likable. At the bottom of the hour Rich interviewed Jeff Lord from CNN. They discussed the Convention and the issue with Sanders' supporters. Rich interviewed Margaret Hoover and they discussed Rugged Individualism, LGBTQ rights, and the Convention. Rich also interviews Editor of the Observer, Ken Kurson. They discussed both Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama's speeches. They also discussed Bernie supporters feeling disenfranchised . In the 5 o'clock hour Rich talked about the Democrats party being off message and how Lena Dunham will not bring any blue collar voters. Rich also interviewed MSNBC Analyst Steve Kornacki. They discussed Trump and his appeal with Blue Collar voters. Rich also touched on the Politico story that the IRS is vetting complaints against the Clinton Foundation
Ed Rendell: Democrats Need To Take Trump SeriouslyEd Rendell says Democrats need to take the threat of Donald Trump's campaign seriously, or he could win both Pennsylvania and the White House in the Fall.
Scott Pelley: Evening News Making A ComebackCBS Evening News Chief Scott Pelley explains why he thinks viewership of evening newscasts is on the rise.
Delegates To The DNC Instructed Not To BooMike Opelka from The Blaze tells Rich Zeoli the DNC is instructing their delegates not to boo speakers at the convention.
Florida Governor Rick Scott: Trump Will Win My StateFlorida Governor Rick Scott is confident Donald Trump will win his state in November.
Scott Pelley: Trump Trying To Distance Himself From GOP LeadersScott Pelley says Donald Trump continues to defiantly rebuff Republican party leaders as he accepts their nomination for President.
Michael Steele: Donald Trump Is The Drag On His CampaignFormer RNC Chairman Michael Steele says Donald Trump's flaws are what's holding his campaign back.
Breitbart Editor: Daily Show Tried To Set Up Gay Republican GroupJoel Pollack accused The Daily Show of trying to set up conservatives at a 'Gays for Trump' event at the Republican Convention

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