Drinking Declines As Smoking DeclinesNew research suggests encouraging people to kick the habit of smoking may have another positive effect as well.
Managing COPDThere are certain tips that can help if you have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive piulmonary disease. The first is to quit smoking.
Still Too Many Smokers Smoking has declined in the past 5 decades as has cancer and heart disease but there are still almost 50 million smokers likely to suffer the unnecessary consequences.
Dr. Rosenberg
Studying Electronic Nicotine DeliveryWithout smoke, e-cigarettes are potentially safer than cigarettes and could help smokers quit but the studies are just starting.
Exposing Children To Secondhand SmokeThere is a great reason why parents should not smoke cigarettes in the car with their children.
Light Smoking Dramatically Increases Risk of Lung CancerAccording to a new study, smoking fewer than five cigarettes a day, commonly known as light smoking, triples the risk of dying of heart disease or lung cancer in men. In women the increased risk of lung cancer was five times greater.
Smokers Are More Likely To Suffer Serious Workplace InjuryResearchers have found that people who smoke are more likely than those who don't to have a workplace injury that results in a loss of activity.
Kicking The Habit Easily? You Might Want To See Your DoctorA lung cancer specialist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital finds a possible link between the difficulty of quitting smoking and lung cancer.
Study Shows Cigarette Smoking Is Tied To Many IssuesWe know that cigarette smoking is related to stress. But a new study out of the University of Seattle and the VA Hospital took a look at post traumatic stress disorder in veterans and how it relates to cigarette smoking.
Philly Boosts Anti-Smoking EffortsIf you are trying to quit smoking then this is your lucky day.

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