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Police Corruption

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Former Police Inspector Castro Breaks Down On Witness Stand, Admits Role In Extortion

In stunning and emotional testimony, former Philadelphia police Inspector Daniel Castro admits he took part in a series of strong armed extotion attempts, and later lied about it when confronted by the FBI.


castro daniel TV DL

Lawyer For Philadelphia Police Inspector Charged With Corruption Presses Entrapment Defense

An FBI informant was undergoing cross-examination on Wednesday in the case of former Philadelphia police inspector Daniel Castro (left), charged with corruption.


(Former Philadelphia police inspector Daniel Castro, now charged with corruption.  File photo)

Informant Says He Gave Cash To Philadelphia Police Inspector Charged With Corruption

Philadelphia police inspector Castro had lost $90,000 to a business associate, but informant Rony Moshe says Castro wanted to get $150,000 back for his trouble. And, says Moshe, they were using some muscle to get it.


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Philadelphia Cop Pleads Guilty After Being Caught In Drug Sting

A former Philadelphia police officer has pleaded guilty to corruption, and his partner is expected to plead guilty on Wednesday, after they were caught in a sting allegedly trying to rob a drug courier.


Phila. Police Chief Orders Disgraced Badges to be Melted

Major changes are planned to deal with a recent series of high profile corruption cases in the Philadelphia police department. The heat is on those who violate the oath of office and their badges.