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Power Outage Resource GuideHere are some helpful phone numbers. Remember to report ALL emergencies to 911 or emergency dispatch center.
Dialr AppDialr lets you store up to 8 phone numbers in your Notification Center, letting you access them with one swipe.
Does Anybody Remember Phone Numbers Anymore?With so many people relying on cell phones these days, does anyone actually know anyone else's phone number?
White Pages AppFinding a business's phone number on your iDevice is pretty simple – and you obviously have your contact list, but what happens when you need the number of someone else? Try the White Pages.
Say Goodbye To Your Mouse, Your Phone Number... And What Else?!We take things like phone numbers and the computer mouse for granted, but they won't be around for very long, according to one tech expert.
Pollwatchers, Official and Unofficial, Prepare For Pennsylvania Primary In PhiladelphiaLow turnout is expected in Tuesday's primary election in Philadelphia, but both official and unofficial watchdogs will be out to make sure things go smoothly.

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