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City Hall (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Pew Study: Residential Property Owners Will Pay Bigger Chunk Of Taxes Under AVI

The Pew analysis of the new assessments finds that the percentage of property taxes borne by individual homeowners compared to other owners will go from about 54 percent under the old system to about 60 percent under AVI.


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Report: Cities Not Prepared To Deal With Closed School Properties

The report by the Pew Trusts’ Philadelphia Research Initiative looked at what’s happened to closed schools in 12 cities and researcher Emily Dowdall says most of them are still sitting vacant.


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Philadelphia a Bargain? Local Tax Study Says… Maybe

A new study released by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds that Philadelphia is becoming more competitive in terms of local taxes when compared to the suburbs.


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Study Says Reorganization of Philadelphia’s Employment Efforts Was Sorely Needed

A new study finds that the taxpayer-funded system to connect Philadelphia employers with workers seeking jobs has been delivering only mediocre results, but help may be on the way.


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The ‘State Of The City’ Is Improving, Report Says

Philadelphia seems to be moving in the right direction on several key indicators, according to a “State of the City” report released yesterday.



Philadelphians, In New Survey, On A Bit Of A Downer About Philadelphia

One survey that keeps its finger on the pulse of Philadelphia’s attitude sees a “downward drift” in the way residents view the city.