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The Importance Of A Daily Walk For Your Dog

Dogs love to walk, it’s natural and it’s a part of their heritage. Walking with your dog from the start will solidify your bond.


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Memorial Day Safety Tips

If you’re heading out over the Memorial Day weekend and planning to take your dog with you, here are several safety ideas to keep in mind.


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Safe Gardening With Your Pets In Mind

The ASPCA offers several suggestions of spring gardening safety with your pets in mind.


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Keep Your Dog Safe On A Walk

Taking your dog on a daily walk is not only a necessary activity but it should be a pleasant one as well. Here are a few tips to help you avoid potential hazards.


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Hypothyroidism In Canines

Hypothyroidism or under active thyroid, is a disease of thyroid deficiency. Like people, dogs with this illness have rates of metabolism that fall below normal.


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Notice When Your Pets Are Sick

Since our dogs and cats can’t voice their feelings, it’s up to us as responsible caregivers to watch out for signs and symptoms of serious illness.



PAWS Offering Free Spay and Neutering Services

PAWS, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, is offering free spay/neuter services for companion animals of some low-income city residents.


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Canine And Feline Teeth

Like humans, dogs and cats will have two sets of teeth in their lifetimes. Adult canines have 42 teeth, adult cats have 30.


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Introducing Younger Dogs To Senior Dogs

Before introducing a younger dog to a senior dog in a household, there are certain things to keep in mind.


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Choosing A Veterinarian

Choosing the right veterinarian is extremely important for both you and your pet. Ask a lot of questions.



Keeping Cool With Your Canine

Here are a few tips to keep cool with your canine in the dog days of summer.



Caring For Your Aging Pet

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As our pets age, we have to take special care to meet their changing needs. Make sure to feed your pet a healthy diet. Take the time to read the labels. The […]


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Local Veterinarian Warns Of Pets Developing Hormone Disorders

Veterinarians around the country are suddenly seeing spayed and neutered pets becoming hormonal, and certain human topical creams appear to be the reason.


Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is quickly becoming the practical solution for paying those high costs associated with unexpected visits to the vet.


Canine and Feline Symptoms of Serious Illness

Since our dogs and cats can’t voice their feelings, it’s up to us as responsible caregivers to watch out for signs and symptoms of serious illness in our pets.