Personal Assistant

(Chris Yerga, Google engineering director for Android, at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco.  Credit: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

Google Offers New Personal Assistant and Music Services

In a challenge to Spotify and Pandora, Google is offering “All Access.”


(Google "Now" on an iPhone.  Credit: Ed Fischer)

Google Releases Alternative for ‘Siri’ on iPhones

“Siri” is getting some serious competition. Google is out with its own personal assistant for iPhone and iPad.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lawsuit Looks At Overtime

Lady Gaga’s personal assistant has filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming she was not paid for 7,168 hours of work — amounting to $393,000, plus damages.



Alfred App

Alfred is not quite a personal assistant but he will help you make decisions.


(credit:  Mike Clarke/Getty Images)

Fancy will hook you up with people willing to run your errands or complete your daily tasks.