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Pennsylvania Schools


Schools Extending Compulsory Education Requirements

In an effort to increase academic standing internationally, many school districts have decided to extend the upper and lower limits of their compulsory education requirements.


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Pennsylvania’s Spending Gap Between Rich, Poor Schools Cited

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says Pennsylvania has the largest spending gap between rich and poor school districts — and that must change.


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Study: Pa. Public School’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Puts Some Minorities At Risk

The study takes data from the 2011-12 school year from more than 500 school districts across the Commonwealth.


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Pa. Unveils New Grading System For Schools

Education officials unveiled a new grading system for Pennsylvania’s public schools on Wednesday that they described as a tool for parents, administrators and the public to monitor and improve student achievement.



Wilson College For Women Is Struggling

Wilson College, a liberal arts school that had made the US News list of best academic values, is operating in the red. A new president has been hired as a change agent to bring in enough students to break even.


(Members of the Chester Upland school board today, discussing the financial crisis there.  Credit:  David Madden)

Chester Upland Officials Warn School District Is Nearly Out of Money

The district says it will run out of money to make payroll at the end of this month, and may eventually be forced to close the schools.


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Lawmakers Consider Post-Labor Day School Year Start As Boost To Pa. Economy

State lawmakers are again considering legislation that would require school districts in Pennsylvania to begin classes after Labor Day.