Pennsylvania liquor laws

(Credit: David Madden)

Pa. Lawmakers Eye Overhaul of Beer Distribution Statewide

The current three-tier system — brewer to distributor to retailer — has been in place since Prohibition.



Pa. State Senator Says All Liquor Laws Will Be Under Review

Even though the prime sponsor of legislation to sell off state liquor stores said he wants to keep the bill simple, a key senator says that doesn’t mean other issues related to liquor sales in Pennsylvania won’t be in play.


(File photo of Pa. House Majority Leader Mike Turzai of Allegheny County)

GOP Power in Harrisburg And What It Means For State Stores

When a new Pennsylvania governor and legislature get to work later this month, there will be a new push to sell off state-owned wine and liquor stores. However, that does not mean a broad overhaul of state liquor law is in the offing.


(File photo: a Pennsylvania-owned liquor store)

Sell Off State Liquor Stores For Cash, Say Pennsylvanians

A new Quinnipiac University Poll finds broad support among Pennsylvanians for selling off the state liquor store system.


Philadelphia Area Getting Its First Self-Serve Wine Kiosk

The first Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board self-service wine kiosk in the Philadelphia region is scheduled to go on line Saturday at 11 AM in Drexel Hill, Pa.


Pa. Tavern Owners Push for Changes in Liquor Laws

Pennsylvania restaurant and tavern operators showed up today at a public hearing in Philadelphia to support state legislation that would allow them to sell wine “to go” and supply alcohol at events they cater away […]