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Pennsylvania Department Of Corrections

(Credit: Getty Images)

What Jerry Sandusky Can Expect In Prison

Jerry Sandusky will walk into state prison with little more than a watch and wedding band. He’ll be able to work a 30-hour week to make a few dollars. He’ll be able to watch Penn State football, but not violent movies.


(John Wetzel, secretary of Pennsylvania's Department of Corrections, addresses the Arts and Criminal Justice Symposium at the center city campus of Temple University.   Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Mural Arts Symposium Focuses On Art’s Anti-Crime Role in Society

Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program held its 2012 “Arts and Criminal Justice Symposium” in center city Philadelphia, part of its efforts to teach community groups how to use art to rehabilitate those both in and outside of the prison system.


(Mumia Abu-Jamal, in file photo.)

Widow Of Slain Philadelphia Cop Demands Answers After Transfer Of Husband’s Killer

A representative of Pennsylvania’s department of corrections has told Philadelphia’s district attorney that Mumia Abu-Jamal is getting no special treatment.


Prisoners Return To Pennsylvania As Capacity Increases

More than a thousand Pennsylvania prisoners being housed in Michigan facilities due to overcrowding are now back in the state, although another thousand or so who are being housed in Virginia will stay there for the time being.



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