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1 Password App

1Password stores your data for various sites, giving each a separate login – but you only have to remember one password.


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After Celebrity Hacking Scandal, Philadelphia Professor Offers Advice On Protecting Your Info

Chris Stigall spoke with La Salle University Professor Dean Henry on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about internet security in the wake of the celebrity hacking scandal that revealed intimate photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other actresses.


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Local Cybersecurity Expert Weighs In On Data Breach Of More Than A Billion Usernames And Passwords

Balchunas says the magnitude of this breach is alarming but, just like any other case, it’s a warning for all of us.


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FaceCrypt App

FaceCrypt lets you encrypt your passwords by using facial recognition as a failsafe.


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3 On Your Side: Digital Spring Cleaning

3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan has some advice that can help protect privacy and keep devices running smoothly.


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Avoiding Bad Passwords As Easy As 1-2-3….4-5-6

A new study of bad passwords finds some, like ‘123456,’ are much worse than others.


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Stolen ATM Card Liability

What happens if there’s an unauthorized transaction on your ATM card?


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1 Password App

1 Password is a password manager system that lets you use a master password to access your accounts, but keeps your security in tact.



‘Password’ Remains At Top of Bad Password List for 2012

“123456” and “abc123” are similar poor choices that persist in the Top 5 of the year’s worst computer passwords.


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3 On Your Side: Protecting Personal Data

3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has advice on what you can do to protect and prepare before a security breach even happens.


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LastPass App

LastPass is a holding account to help you manage and remember all your online passwords.


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Passtouch App

Passtouch is a new security app that can block strangers from accessing your phone or tablet’s browser.


NJ Assembly Votes To Prohibit Schools And Employers From Asking For Social Media Passwords

Two measures aimed at stopping employers and schools from asking for social media passwords have been approved by the New Jersey Assembly.


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Hackers Link In to LinkedIn, Leaving Users Vulnerable

Hackers targeting the relationship-building web site LinkedIn have put millions of accounts at risk.


New Jersey, Delaware Among States Considering Ban On Employers From Seeking Social Passwords

The state Senate approved a bill Friday that would make it illegal for employers and college admissions officers to ask current or prospective workers and students for the passwords to their social media accounts.