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Phila. 'Black Madam' Gets Long Prison Term For Fatal Butt InjectionsThe defendant, Padge Windslowe, expressed remorse for her old life, which included injecting women in hotel rooms to make their butts look bigger.
‘Black Madam’ Sentencing Scheduled For JuneProsecutor Bridget Kirn says the defendant’s motive was money for her recording studio - performing under the name “Black Madam” - and for expensive cars.
Guilty Verdict in 'Black Madam' Buttocks Enhancement Death CasePadge Victoria Windslowe was convicted of third-degree murder, aggravated assault, and other crimes.
Closing Arguments Presented in Philadelphia Trial of Woman Accused of Killing Another With Butt InjectionsPadge Victoria Windslowe has repeatedly claimed that one victim had been drinking heavily prior to the procedure, suggesting that was the cause of the woman's death.
'Black Madam' Trial Suspended When Defendant Falls IllPadge Victoria Windslowe was scheduled to return to the witness stand Monday for cross examination, but after an unexplained morning delay a court crier announced the defendant is ill.
Trial On Hold After After "Black Madam" Falls IllCourt officials postponed Padge-Victoria Windslowe's trial Monday after hours of delays. They didn't specify her illness.
Defendant In Black Market Body Enhancement Trial Expected Back On The Stand For More Cross-Examination TodayOn Friday, there were several sharp exchanges, allegations, and counter allegations as the prosecutor grilled her.
"Black Madam" Faces Cross-Examination In Black Market Body Enhancement Murder CasePadge Victoria Windslowe is charged with murder in the death of one woman, and assault in a second case in connection with illegal buttocks enhancement injections.
Defendant Takes The Stand In Fatal Buttocks Enhancement CaseWindslowe will return to the stand in the morning. She still faces cross examination by the prosecution.
'Black Madam,' Defendant In Buttocks Injection Trial, Makes Wardrobe Change After Court’s SuggestionThe murder trial of a Montgomery County woman accused of performing a deadly buttocks-enhancement procedure took a bizarre turn Thursday when the court suggested the defendant make a wardrobe change.
Medical Examiner Testifies In 'Black Madam' Silicone Injection TrialDr. Fredric Hellman has testified that 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi died from complications of silicone injections into her rear.
Witness Testifies Defendant In Silicone Injection Murder Trial Tried To Extort Money After AffairProsecution witness James Taterka, a Montgomery County gastroenterologist, says neither he nor his practice ordered the industrial grade silicone that Padge Windslowe was using for butt injections to enhance clients' rear ends.

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