Ozone Air Quality Alert Issued For Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley

The Department of Environmental Protection has issued an ozone air quality alert for much of Pennsylvania.


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Philadelphia Among ‘25 Most Polluted Cities’ In America

A 2013 report by the American Lung Association has found that the air in and around Philadelphia may put people’s health at risk.


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Outdoor Air Quality: Is America Suffocating Itself?

This spring, runny eyes and a stuffed up nose may not be the result of seasonal allergens.


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High Ozone Level Triggers Hot-Weather ‘Code Orange’ Alert For Region

Philadelphia and its surrounding counties are under a “code orange,” meaning the air contains unhealthy levels of ozone.


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Pa. Extends ‘Orange’ Air Quality Alert For Philadelphia and Suburbs

Orange means unhealthy pollution levels for sensitive people. Next would be red, which is unhealthy air for all.