Don't Ignore 'Growing Pains'We don’t think of musculoskeletal pain in children but it occurs more commonly than you would think. Don't ignore it.
When Kids Overdo AthleticsSchool is underway and so are the wide variety of sports in which kids have the opportunity to participate. Don't encourage them to over do it.
Kids May Exercise Too HardHow much exercise is too much exercise? In the past that was not a very important question to ask because the vast majority of people stopped exercising when they were fatigued, but things have changed a bit.
Treating Neck PainNeck tightness can be frustrating, irritating and it can really slow you down. Here are some treatments.
The Importance Of StretchingWhether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or somewhat sedentary, the importance of taking the time to stretch cannot be overstated.
Don't Over Do Childrens' SportsWhen too much importance is placed on child play and kids are encouraged to participate in extended games, they may be at risk for overuse injuries.
The Right Amount Of ExerciseThere is one truth related to exercise that cuts across all lines. Consistency of exercise leads to better results.
Overuse InjuriesEndurance athletes are, no doubt, doing something great for their cardiovascular system by working out, but at the same time they are adding stress as well.

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