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1 Password App

1Password stores your data for various sites, giving each a separate login – but you only have to remember one password.


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FaceCrypt App

FaceCrypt lets you encrypt your passwords by using facial recognition as a failsafe.



Fast Access App

FastAccess is a facial recognition app that lets you log on to banking and other sensitive sites by simply looking at the screen.


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1 Password App

1 Password is a password manager system that lets you use a master password to access your accounts, but keeps your security in tact.


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Protect Your Personal Information When Shopping Online

Online shopping doesn’t have to be risky. Here are a few tips to protect your credit/debit card information on the internet.


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LastPass App

LastPass is a holding account to help you manage and remember all your online passwords.


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Passtouch App

Passtouch is a new security app that can block strangers from accessing your phone or tablet’s browser.


password security

3 On Your Side: Password Safety

We do more of our day-to-day activities online and on Smartphones than ever before, but are you really doing the best job in keeping yourself safe?



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