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Online Scams

(Beware of e-mail messages that might not be from who they appear to be.  Photo by Ed Fischer)

Holiday Shopping Means Online Holiday Scamming Not Far Behind

Bucks County director of consumer protection Mike Bannon says his department is getting calls about an old scam that’s been reinvented. He says it involves a major retailer.


(Photo illustration by Ed Fischer)

Authorities Warn Potential Donors To Beware of Boston Marathon-Related Scams

“The best scams out there leave people thinking they’ve done just fine,” notes Pennsylvania senior deputy attorney general Michael Foerster. He says that’s why donors should do some research first.


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‘Second Chance’ Scams

Second chance scams occur when the bidder on, let’s say eBay, who didn’t win the auction is contacted by a thief posing as the seller who says the sale fell through and the item is once again for sale.


(Philadelphia DA Seth Williams issues his annual warning about holiday season shopping scams.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia’s DA Issues Warnings on Holiday Season Scams

The arrival of Thanksgiving means, of course, the arrival of holiday shopping. And, the DA warns, that means scam artists will be out in full force, both in person and online.



Area Police Departments Warn of Fake IRS E-Mail ‘Phishing’ Scams

An IRS spokesman says if they need to reach you about a tax return, they will do it either by phone or through the mail — not with an e-mail.