College Courses In PhilanthropyPeople think giving money away is easy. But, Philanthropy courses now being taught at Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Northwestern University suggest otherwise.
Paying Kids To LearnEducation columnist, Jay Mathews in <em>The Washington Post</em>, discusses a controversial topic - paying kids for achievement. The idea always brings vehement reactions.
Local Expert Weighs In On College Athlete Union RulingA federal agency ruled that football players at a private Chicago University can be the first college athletes in the country to unionize. KYW's Tim Jimenez spoke with a local expert on what this means for the future of college athletics.
Tenure Track Professors Not Necessarily Best TeachersResearchers found that college instructors who are not on the tenure track system surprisingly out-performed the tenured professors in introductory undergraduate classes.
Stigall Show Log 3.4.11Chris discussed protestors in Wisconisn finally being removed from the capital building, New Jersey transportation employees being suspended for calling out sick to attend a protest and the TSA reaction to more carry on baggage. Chris talked to Steve Cordasco as part of Finance Friday and to Lou Dubois from Inc. Magazine about the potential NFL lockout.
New Study Paints Bleak Picture of Philly Workers' Pension FundsA new study of pension funds nationwide finds that the pension system for Philadelphia government workers could be out of cash in five years.

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