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New Jersey’s Largest Teachers Union Takes Fight Over Pensions To Airwaves

The New Jersey Education Association is turning up the heat with a new media blitz starting Thursday


(New Jersey governor Chris Christie, during his 2014 "State of the State" speech to the state legislature.  Image from NJ Legislative TV)

NJ Teachers Union Questions Governor Christie’s Push For A Longer School Day

Governor Chris Christie is pushing for a longer school day and year for all New Jersey kids. It’s an idea that has the state’s teachers union asking some serious questions.


(NJ governor Chris Christie delivers his 2014 "State of the State" address to the state legislature in Trenton.  Image from NJ Legislative TV)

NJ Teachers Union Takes Gov. Christie To Task For “College Ready” Statement About Camden Schools

New Jersey’s teachers union is taking Governor Chris Christie to task over claims that high schools in Camden are not properly preparing students for college.


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New Jersey Teachers’ Convention Canceled In Wake Of Sandy

The New Jersey public teachers union has canceled its annual convention for the first time in 158 years because of Sandy.


(New Jersey state senator Diane Allen, at Trenton press conference.  Credit: David Madden)

N.J. Lawmaker Wants Quicker Action When Schoolteachers Bully Children

Legislation has been introduced in Trenton to enhance what is considered the nation’s strongest anti-bullying law by speeding up the penalty process when adults are involved.


Stigall Show Log 2.9.12

Chris agrees with Governor Chris Christies response to NJEA Executvie Director Vincent Giordano’s defense of they union’s stance against charter schools. He examines the potential cover-up at the Daily News and Inquirer over stories about potential buyers for the papers. He also talks to Jeremy Witkins, who developed a phone app allowing parents to monitor pictures and texts on their kids phones.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–02/09/2012

(Gov. Chris Christie, making his legislative proposals today in Trenton.  Photos by David Madden)

Gov. Christie Offers Legislation To Remake Education In New Jersey

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has sent the state legislature a seven-bill package aimed at reforming education in the Garden State, with the emphasis on teacher performance and local control.


NJ Education Task Force Will Reassess State Regulations

Governor Chris Christie is appointing a seven-member task force that’s expected to come up with results by mid-August.


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Embattled NJ Teachers Union Offers A Reform Plan

New Jersey’s largest teachers union on Tuesday announced a plan of its own to make it quicker for schools to fire bad teachers in a response to Gov. Chris Christie’s constant refrain that the group is a roadblock to improving education.


NJ Governor’s Town Hall Gets Confrontational

Gov. Chris Christie found himself on the defensive Wednesday as retired educators and union workers lobbed criticism and lectured the tough-talking governor about his tone with the teachers union.


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NJ Education Chief Won’t Go To Teachers Conference

The state’s acting education commissioner has pointedly declined an invitation to address teachers at an annual New Jersey Education Association convention, saying the union fails to put children first.


Stimulus $ Could Be Used to Rehire Teachers in NJ

With New Jersey governor Chris Christie deciding he’ll apply for newly approved federal funding for education, it’s thought many teachers laid off in budget cuts may be coming back, if only for a year or […]