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(Gov. Christie exits a New Jersey state police helicopter in Montvale, NJ, en route to his son's baseball game.  Photo from

Christie Agrees To Repay New Jersey For Personal Copter Trips

New Jersey governor Chris Christie says he will repay the state for the cost of Tuesday’s state police helicopter ride to his eldest son’s baseball game in North Jersey, and for other personal uses.


(Olympic gold medal winner Carl Lewis on April 11th, 2011, the day he announced a run for the New Jersey State Senate.  AP photo)

Attorney For Carl Lewis Holds Out Hope For Olympian’s NJ Ballot Effort

Olympic runner Carl Lewis is running out of legal options to get back on the ballot for a Burlington County seat in the New Jersey State Senate.



New Jersey GOP Files Federal Complaint Over Tea Party Candidate

“John Adler needs to start answering questions. He’s been stonewalling on this issue for a week.”