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Why Mental Arithmetic Counts

Those who did well in the math section of the PSAT showed more activity in the brain area linked to memory of math facts.


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Blinking May Be Linked To Thought Process

Scientists have found that blinking may be linked to how we pay attention, rather than simply a mechanism to lubricate the eyes.


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Pregnancy Health May Effect Brain Function Of Child

Pregnancy is a critical time period in which brain function and structure develop. A new study suggests children of mothers who had high blood pressure during pregnancy showed reduced thinking abilities.



The Brain And Decision Making

Researchers have found that emotion-processing areas of the brain become more active when people are given a tough decision.



How The Brain Thinks About The Future

Humans are the only animal that thinks about the future. But few scientists have looked at how we form vivid mental images of events that have not yet occurred. The best effort has been by researchers at Washington University of St. Louis.



Early Indicators Of Alzheimer’s

Researchers studied the brains of more than 150 elderly individuals to determine whether amyloid beta plaques could be an indicator for Alzheimer’s.


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Alzheimer’s Research Leads To New Clues

New research explains how a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease risk can cause vascular defects in the brain.



A Human Benefit To Studying Fish

Researchers at Harvard are taking MRIs of the brains of fish in virtual-reality swimming systems and monitoring brain activity associated with movement for a better understanding of the human brain.


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Casting Of Injury Should Be Minimal

Researchers studying immobilized arm injuries found increases in the size of brain areas that were compensating for the injured side, and decreases in areas that were not being used due to the cast or sling.


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Syncope is a short term but abrupt loss of consciousness with a complete return to preexisting neurologic function.



Cannaboid Receptors

The same receptors that make people crave marijuana, the cannaboid receptors, may be used to fight cocaine addiction.


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HIV May Increase Risk Of Other Illnesses

A new report suggests those living with HIV may be at an increased risk for other illnesses.


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Smoking Images Trigger Quitters

Have you ever wondered why people are so susceptible to temptation after they kick the habit of cigarette smoking? It’s in their heads.


Study on Introspection is Something to Think About

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough There is a new study about introspection. Introspection is basically thinking about your thinking. A way to judge your own thoughts and actions. In other words, it is […]

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Nerve Pain

by KYW’s medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough Our nervous system is a fascinating part of our body. Instantaneously messages can be sent from one part of the body to another and when it works well […]