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Canine SocializationFor dogs, socialization is extremely important. They are pack animals, after all, and without socialization, there is potential for a dog to become fearful, anxious, lonely and isolated. Unfortunately, this can bring on severe stress and unpredictable behavior.
Metronomic Chemotherapy For CaninesMetronomic Chemotherapy offers smaller but more frequent doses of chemotherapy medication and instead of directly attacking the tumor, it seeks out the cells that line the blood vessels to the tumor thereby blocking the blood supply to the cancerous growth.
Breeds Have Traits But Every Dog Is DifferentYour dog is as unique as you are so when it comes to breed specific information, don’t choose a dog based on generalizations.
Hot Summer Surfaces May Burn Dogs' PawsSevere injury, infection and burns to the pads of your dog’s paws could develop quickly by allowing your dog to walk on hot pavement and other hot surfaces.
Give Your Dog A Task Each DayAll dogs, regardless of age, size or breed, have an instinctive need to fulfill a daily task.
Report Animal CrueltyAnimal cruelty is a crime. Every state now has protection for dogs and cats regarding animal cruelty laws and a majority of states regard abuse as felonies.
Your Dog's Leg May LockIf your dog's kneecap jumps out of its natural groove or luxates sideways, it causes the leg to lock. This is not uncommon and it may be painful.
Managing Your Senior Dog's ArthritisSenior dogs, regardless of size or breed, may develop arthritis and a stiffening of joint or leg muscles. Consult your vet.
Why Dogs DigYour dog is never doing this out of spite or anger. It is, in many breeds, an instinctive behavior but often it’s due to a need not being met.
Introducing Cats Takes Time - And DistanceWhen introducing cats to each other, it’s always best to separate them initially for a period of time.
Caring For Your Senior CatAs cats age, particularly from the ages of 8-10 and older, extra care is needed to keep them healthy and happy.
Dogs Naturally Imitate One AnotherAllelomimetic behavior in canines is an imitative behavior that can begin as young as 5 weeks old.

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