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Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky Tells Philadelphia Millenials About Her Ordeal in the Spotlight “I was patient zero” -- the first victim of cyber-bullying -- says Monica Lewinsky.
Stigall Show Log 5.7.14Chris discusses the latest re-emergence of Monica Lewinsky, Michael Nutter raising the minimum wage in Philadelphia, and the aftermath of the Condoleezza Rice commencement scandal at Rutgers University. He talks to Tom McGrath from Philadelphia Magazine, Meteorologist Big Joe Bastardi, and State Representative Daryl Metcalfe.
Stigall Show Log 7.16.12Chris details the latest potlical attacks on Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital and discuesses them with Jeff Roe and Michael Bronstein on the Monday Morning Matchup. He also talks to former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel after starting the second half of the season by winning two out of three in Colorado.
Local Author Pens Book Shedding Light On Clinton And GingrichA new book by a Philadelphia native looks at a great political compromise that never was.
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