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Philadelphia Jobs Report: Companies Realize Millennials Are The Key To SuccessMillennials are finding a niche in the workplace as social media managers.
3 On Your Side: Many Millennials Would Quit If Not Allowed To Do Personal Tasks At WorkMany millennials have never known a world without mobile devices. Now employers are forced to deal with younger workers who want to be able to text and use social media on the job. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan looks at how this group is blurring the lines between work time and personal time.
Study: Millennials Have Low Levels Of Social Trust Compared To Other GenerationsPew says Millennials have the lowest levels of social trust compared to Generation Xers, Silents and Baby Boomers.
New Census Bureau Interactive Map Shows How Young Adults Have Changed Over GenerationsMillennials, so-named because they were born roughly in the last two decades before the millennium, have become an object of fascination since they surpassed baby boomers as the largest age group in the United States. So the census bureau focused on them when it developed its new tool.
Survey: More Than One Quarter Of Millennials Have Quit A Job Due To An Uncivil WorkplaceAmericans of all different age groups agreed that when faced with incivility, they are most likely to do nothing, rather than confront the situation.
3 On Your Side: Survey Finds More Than 6 Out Of 10 Millennials Don't Have A Credit CardIt looks like more millennials are saying cash is king and leaving credit cards out of the mix. With many saying they don't have a single credit card. And while that may sound good since they're not building up debt, 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan tells us there's also a downside.
Stigall Show Log 7.3.14Chris asks why the 4th of July doesn't attract more visitors to Philadelphia? He talks to Robert Shibley from FIRE at 7:20, Senator Pat Toomey at 8:00, and Filmmaker and Author Dinesh D'Souza at 8:20.
Survey: Millennials Feel Guiltier About Taking Vacation; More Likely To Check In Outside Of Work Than Older GenerationsMillennials are often seen as lazy, immature and unmotivated, but a new survey on work habits might change those perceptions.
New Survey Singles Out Worst Tippers In AmericaA new survey pegs Millennials as the worst tippers when they go out to eat in a restaurant.
Winners of Competition to Make Philadelphia More Millennial-Friendly AnnouncedMayor Michael Nutter was on hand to congratulate more than a dozen participants of the city's first public policy case study competition.
Millennials Coming To Philadelphia, But Not Staying For LongThere's good and bad news about 'Millennials' in Philadelphia. They're moving here and they like the town, but they apparently don't want to stay.
Philadelphia Fails To Make List Of Trendy Spots For MillennialsA news website has released a survey ranking the top 35 cities for millennials -- and Philadelphia isn't on it.
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