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Chain Restaurants & GoodbyesI feel bad for most people because I'm spoiled at my job. I wear jeans and hats, I get to tell jokes, watching TV and reading is encouraged and I create things.
BBQ, Jazz And Other Glorious ThingsI like to consider myself a man of the world. I find art fascinating; just say the word “expressionism” and you sound smart. I do enjoy the travel and history shows, but music is one area that I don’t delve deeply into as often as I would like.
Viso's Gluttony Guide: Break-Up Foods And MoviesHenry Miller said the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature. Currently, I'm getting over a meaningful but failed relationship so this column is more for than the brokenhearted than ever.
Viso's Gluttony Guide: My Battle With ClamsFear not folks, I'm back! It's been a bit but it's because I've been scouring the country all in the name of educating the youth about the endless possibilities of deliciousness.
Viso's Gluttony Guide: Dishes From HellThis week’s story is pretty sad and pretty brief. It all starts on a Wednesday afternoon.
Viso's Gluttony Guide: Gambling On SalmonYou can say a lot of things about me. You can start with handsome, caring, talented and hilarious. What you can’t say is that I’m fancy - high maintenance, yes, but fancy? No.
Viso's Gluttony Guide: Women Rule The WorldFellas, let’s be honest. Everyone knows women wield most of the power in any relationship. I mean you would think Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie would do whatever Major Nelson said, but you would be wrong.
Viso's Gluttony Guide: Eagles-Cowboys ShowdownAs I’m getting to know you, you’re getting to know me. I hope it’s been good thus far but today might change that.
Viso’s Gluttony Guide: Philadelphia BlocktoberfestDo you remember the ‘choose your own adventure’ books? These books had you start a scenario and you basically wrote your own ending by the choices you made.
Viso's Gluttony Guide: The Baseball SpreadFor me it all starts with good beer. Hey, you’re not going out to a bar to watch the game or hosting a party, so splurge. What I like to do is go with two solid beers. I recommend sticking with microbrews. The beer scene in the Philadelphia area is bountiful.

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