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Mike Bannon

P.F. Chang’s Names 33 Restaurants In Data Breach, Including Some In Philadelphia Area

Restaurants in Collegeville, Pa., Glen Mills, Pa., and Princeton, NJ are affected.


(Beware of e-mail messages that might not be from who they appear to be.  Photo by Ed Fischer)

Holiday Shopping Means Online Holiday Scamming Not Far Behind

Bucks County director of consumer protection Mike Bannon says his department is getting calls about an old scam that’s been reinvented. He says it involves a major retailer.


Heavy rain and wind ripped through parts of Montgomery County Friday night.

BLOG: Hiring a Contractor to Repair Sandy Damage

By Jim Donovan: In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many residents are scrambling to hire damage repair companies. Mike Bannon, Director of the Bucks County Consumer Protection Office strongly advises consumers to use caution when […]


Area Consumer Protection Expert Warns Homeowners About Post-Irene Scams

Bucks County consumer protection director Mike Bannon says be careful of the high pressure sales pitches.