Brain Cells Recognize Celebrities

We know there are brain cells in specific parts of the brain that seem to turn on only in response to pictures or individual images.


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Study: Want To Learn Something? Spark Your Curiosity First

Whether it’s psychology or art history, you learn better when you’re curious about something — anything — before hitting the books.



Bilingual Stimulation Good For The Brain

An Italian study found babies who grow up in a bilingual home may enjoy greater mental flexibility before they even learn to talk.


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Diet High In Fruit May Help Alzheimer’s

There is a report in the journal Aging Cell that a compound found in strawberries may potentially help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.


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Health: Simple Test Could Spot Signs Of Mental Decline; Take The Test Now

A simple at home test that can identify if you’re at risk for Alzheimer’s disease. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on how it works.


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Study Suggests Learning New Skills May Keep Aging Minds Sharp

Getting older and want to keep your mind sharp? It seems that crossword puzzles and reading just won’t cut it.


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Testing For Signs Of Dementia

Research suggests that an electroencephalogram (EEG) can measure brain speed and serve as an indicator to predict memory problems.


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Mind Vault App

Looking to boost your memorization skills? MindVault might help.


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Exercise For Your Brain

It is a commonly held belief that regular exercise helps you think more clearly and may help offset memory problems down the road. But does exercise really have that dramatic of an effect?


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Study Finds People Under Stress Have Better Memory

A new study suggests that when people are under stress their memory might improve.



How The Brain Thinks About The Future

Humans are the only animal that thinks about the future. But few scientists have looked at how we form vivid mental images of events that have not yet occurred. The best effort has been by researchers at Washington University of St. Louis.



Can Working Memory Be Improved

Programs to improve working memory for students are among the “hottest’ new education interventions — but do they work?



Health: Drug To Help Some Improve Memory

Memory trouble? It’s an issue millions struggle with, and now there could be a breakthrough treatment for a special group of women.


Maximize Your Memory

Health: Maximize Your Memory

How’s your memory? Do you forget names or misplace keys? Studies show there are ways to maximize your memory. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has the simple steps.


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Oh Don’t

OhDon’ is a website that’ll help you never forget anything again.




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