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Scientists Isolate Protein Linked With Impaired Memory, LearningScientists also believe there may be a way to attack this protein and it could be targeted to prevent age related memory loss.
Study: Dishonest Children Have Good Thinking And Memory Skills A new study suggests that children with the best thinking and memory skills are better liars than other children.
Study: Binge Drinking In Your Youth Could Lead To Brain Issues LaterThe study was done on rats and focused on the brain’s hippocampus, which is associated with learning and memory.
Study: Power Naps Significantly Improve Memory Performance According to a team of researchers from Saarland University in Germany, an hour long nap can greatly improve memory performance.
Elevate AppElevate is a brain training program that's meant to improve your productivity and self-confidence through a series of over 25 games.
Penn State Study Reveals Memory Might Be Even More Selective Than Previously ThoughtIf you’re like many people, you might read an entire book or sit through a whole television show only to realize you recall basically nothing about it.
Testing And Treating DementiaWe need to screen for dementia because there are things we can do to slow down progress and possibly buy time until better drugs come along.
Early Onset Alzheimer's Relatively UncommonWhile it’s true most people with Alzheimer’s are age 65 or older, some people get this disease at a younger age.
Can Eating Chocolate Help Your Memory?According to a study by researchers at Columbia University, chocolate may help your memory.
Brain Cells Recognize CelebritiesWe know there are brain cells in specific parts of the brain that seem to turn on only in response to pictures or individual images.
Study: Want To Learn Something? Spark Your Curiosity FirstWhether it’s psychology or art history, you learn better when you’re curious about something -- anything -- before hitting the books.
Bilingual Stimulation Good For The BrainAn Italian study found babies who grow up in a bilingual home may enjoy greater mental flexibility before they even learn to talk.

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