VIDEO: Dom Giordano in Bermuda!Check out Dom Giordano enjoying all the Bermuda has to offer!
Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #8When you go, you have to hit my favorite spot in Hamilton, Ascot's Restaurant.
Dom Giordano's Bermuda Blog - #7The golf courses in Bermuda all offer spectacular views and memorable holes.
Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #6 It's almost like a set designed by Disney. Everything seems so balmy and fresh.
Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #5You know if you really like England and the traditions Bermuda has many of them and it's just two hours away and the climate is definitely a lot better.
Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #4One of the best parts about going back to Bermuda for a second time is that I have a top five of spots to hit.
Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #3Less two weeks from today I'll be back in Bermuda and ready to golf, hit the beaches, and even go to a great tennis camp.
Dom Giordano's Bermuda Blog - #2I'm going back to Bermuda for my second visit and remember just the sheer beauty all over the island.
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