Mariya Plekan

(credit: CBS 3)

Fire Chief Meets Woman He Discovered In Center City Building Collapse

On this second anniversary of the collapse of the Salvation Army Thrift Store at 22nd and Market, a miracle survivor met her rescuer.


(credit: CBS3)

Trapped For 13 Hours, Building Collapse Survivor Shares Her Story Nearly One Year Later

“I never felt so scared, bricks on me, I couldn’t breathe,” Plekan explained from a wheelchair at a West Philadelphia Rehabilitation Center.


(Mariya Plekan, seen in her videotaped deposition, provided by her attorney.)

Deposition of Woman Crippled In Center City Building Collapse Is Revealed

Mariya Plekan, 52, was buried in the rubble of the collapse for hours, never losing consciousness, and later had half her body amputated.


(The sudden collapse of a building under demolition raises a cloud of dust and debris around a Salvation Army store.  Six people were killed.  File photo by Jordan McLaughlin)

Judge Allows Attorneys’ Factfinding To Begin in Market Street Building Collapse Case

The ongoing grand jury investigation of the building collapse complicates the ability of attorneys in the numerous civil suits to begin what is called “discovery.”


Mariya Plekan. (credit: CBS3)

Woman Trapped For 13 Hours In Collapsed Building Loses Her Legs

Pulled from the rubble of the collapsed building where six others had already been found dead, 52-year-old Mariya Plekan told her attorney she was amazed that she had survived.