Startling Statistics About Teen SafetyIn 2013, 2,163 teens were killed in motor vehicle incidents -- six teens, 16 to 19 died every day.
School Mobility Puts Kids At Risk Of Low AchievementIt's been shown that many factors affect school achievement -- hearing and visual problems, poor nutrition, education level of parents among them. Another issue especially in cities like Philadelphia is school mobility, critical in places with high poverty.
High School Graduation Rates Reach New HighsEighty-one percent of the U.S. high school class of 2013 graduated in four years.
Kitchen Cred Offers Teens Recipes For LifeBeyond learning about nutrition and food preparation and cooking creatively, Kitchen Cred students develop self-esteem, leadership and teamwork.
Expanding Dual Language ProgramsSince 2003, there has been a 700% growth of dual language, bilingual and associated programs in the US Department of Education database.
Before US Women's Soccer There Was Althea GibsonAs a young girl, Althea Gibson worked as a sharecropper and later in 1957, also caught the public's attention as the first person of color to win at Wimbledon.
<em>On The Run</em>: A Worthwhile Read Provokes QuestionsOn the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City studies one community’s interactions with the police and courts of Philadelphia.
Changing The Evaluation Of Student LearningResearchers at the National Assessment of Educational Progress are testing varying questions in interviews with American students to learn more about their non cognitive learning.
High School For Students With DisabilitiesWhile our on-time graduation rate has risen to an historic high of 80%, for those with impairments there is a 62% completion rate, with those from low income families less likely to make it.
Suicide Leading Cause Of Death Among College StudentsEducational institutions are mobilizing to address this growing crisis.
Let Gifted Students AccelerateA report in <em>The Washington Post</em> asks why schools slow down gifted kids when research shows that they do well if accelerated.
The Story Of Anne Frank Still MovingWhile <em>The Diary of a Young Girl</em> is a story from World War II of hate, discrimination and torture, it's about a young girl growing up.

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