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Experts: Google Security Service Needs More Training To Protect Android Devices

Security experts say Google has a lot more more work to do when it comes to keeping harmful software out of it smartphones and tablets.


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STUDY: Philadelphia Among Worst In Country For Stolen, Lost Phones

Better hold on tight to that smartphone. A study shows Philadelphia ranks the worst among big cities in this country when it comes to stolen and lost devices.


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Popular Mobile App Gets Update That Helps Find Phone

There are plenty of programs that help you locate your device, but they don’t work if your battery has no juice.


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Mobile Security Firm Says Your Smartphone Ads May Know Too Much About You

Most smartphone users don’t hesitate to tap ‘OK’ when a newly-installed app asks for permission to use certain features on the device. But, a mobile security firm finds some big privacy risks in that practice.


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New Kind Of Virus Attacking Android Phones

The most popular mobile platform in the country is the target of a virus that experts say is a new kind of attack. It’s a reminder that our smartphones and tablets aren’t immune from computer criminals.


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Mobile Malware Costing Smartphone Users Big Bucks

It’s no longer just your home computer that’s being targeted — malware is making its way to your smartphone, too.