Zeoli Show Log 10.06.17On today's show, Rich discussed how the 2nd Amendment was important in protecting Civil Rights Activists during the era of Jim Crow, Attorney Lisa Bloom defending Harvey Weinstein from numerous allegations of sexual harassment, and Donald Trump referring to a dinner with military leaders as the "calm before the storm." At 3:45pm, Anthony Filippello, owner of Delaware Valley Sports Center. At 4pm, Barbera Backs the Badge.
Michelle Malkin: 'Kathy Griffin Threw Out Every Card Possible'Conservative author and columnist Michelle Malkin blasted comedian Kathy Griffin for complaining about the backlash leveled against her.
Stigall Show 4.4.12Chris talks to Rick Santorum about his candidacy for President and staying in the race in the face of the long odds he faces against Mitt Romney. He also talks to Lisa Bloom about her book, Think, and to Victor Fiorillo of the Philly Post.

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