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Local Shoppers Weigh In On Victoria’s Secret Ad Controversy

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret uses thin models for its campaigns, but add the words “perfect body” and that will stir up the perfect debate.


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Fashion Company Advertising Lingerie For Men

Do you think men should wear lingerie? One company does.


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Lingerie For Women Of All Ages

Learn more about Hope Chest.


Sean Maas

Delaware Man Arrested, Charged For Peeping, Stealing Lingerie

A 39-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after a burglary and peeping tom incident.


New Supersized Bra

Health Watch: New Supersized Bra

Forget the Double D’s. The newest bra to hit the lingerie rack takes the alphabet all the way up to “L.”


Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Love the sexy Valentines lingerie on today’s show? Go to Lee Stevenson’s web site for details. Watch this video…



Top Lingerie Stores In Philadelphia

If you’re looking for silky, delicate and luxurious pieces of lingerie designed to fit the contours of a woman’s body, check out our list of the best lingerie shops in and around the Philadelphia area.