Kimberly Finnegan

(The demolition site at 2136 Market Street, taken by a concerned passerby the day before the deadly collapse.  The Salvation Army thrift store, in which six people were killed, is at far right.  Photo by Laura Mierson.)

Trial Ordered for 2 Men in Deadly Salvation Army Store Collapse

Demolition contractor Griffin Campbell and heavy-equipment operator Sean Benschop are charged with six counts of third-degree murder.


(credit: CBS3)

While One Victim Killed In The Collapse Was Laid To Rest, A Co-Worker Spoke Out

While one of the victims killed in the collapse was laid to rest Monday, a co-worker rescued from the Salvation Army store spoke out.


(credit: CBS3)

The Faces Of Those Killed In Philadelphia Building Collapse

As the victims of the deadly building collapse are identified, mourning begins for those who perished.


(June 6th, 2013: Kim Sizemore brings flowers to the site where her friend, Kim Finnegan, died the previous day.  Credit: Jericka Duncan)

As Collapse Victims Are Identified, The Mourning Begins

On Thursday, construction crews brought down the last of a Salvation Army Thrift store, where 14 people were injured and six people killed.